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"Time For War"

Released November, 2023

"There is a time for peace and a time for war. This is a time for war."
The barrel is a tribute to the brave soldiers of the IDF. Am Yisrael Chai! #FuckHamas

Age: 8 years, 9 months
Type: Straight Bourbon
Proof: 111.2
Mash bill: 75% Corn/ 21% Rye/ 4% Malted Barley
Distillery: MGP
Bottler: J&B
Tasting notes:

Nose: When you're in Seattle, those blackberries grow like weeds and you can't eradicate them. But they're actually pretty good. And that's there. That comes with brown sugar, toasted white bread and the customary vanilla. And get this: there are some cognac-like or red-wine-like notes. Good times.

Palate: Cola hits hard early in a good way, followed by a mid-palate of classic MGP cherry-vanilla-brown sugar. It's nice to see that come from a barrel distilled after 2008. The back of the palate returns to cola with bits of corn pudding and lime.

Finish: What's MGP's secret? We don't know but if it has a calling card, it's in this finish. It stays with you for a long time and it's gentle yet complex. And it's unique to MGP.

Overall: It's fantastic to see well-aged MGP bourbon hitting the market again. Go tell your friends.