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"The Rye"

Released August, 2021

This is a barrel of barrel strength Middle West Dark Pumpernickel Rye called "The Rye". It is a tribute to the classic Seinfeld episode! 

The whiskey was aged for 3.5 years in a 30 gallon cask, which accelerates the aging process. It has a 4 grain mash bill, with dark pumpernickel rye as the featured grain, and was bottled at 127.28 proof. It is a super short barrel that yielded fewer than 100 bottles.

Tasting Notes:

Color: Dark amber. Looks older than stated age when observed in a glen.

Nose: Initial nosing conjures horchata components of cream, rice pudding, cinnamon and almonds. Further notes of sherry, cherry candy and tangerine round out a nose that is unique and complex.

Palate: Starts with rock candy, melded with toasted bread and brown butter. This moves to a mid-palate that showcases cola, cinnamon, maple syrup and a brief bit of wintergreen. The back of palate brings molasses with suggestions of fenugreek, cherry and cream soda.

Finish: This whiskey coats the palate like no other. It’s difficult to tell when the palate ends and the finish begins as it hangs around the palate so long with a burst of complex flavor. The sweet and spicy notes of the palate are showcased through the finish, with the cola note persisting.