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"The First Annual Chosen Comedy Festival Barrel"

Released August, 2022

This barrel is a collaboration with The Chosen Comedy Festival.

Age: 6 years, 5 months
Type: Straight bourbon
Proof: 116.8 proof
Mash bill: 75% Corn/ 21% Rye/ 4% Malted Barley
Distillery: MGP
Bottler: J&B
Tasting notes:

Color: The love child of challah crust and newly minted pennies

Nose: Raspberry comes in strong, followed by green apple and just a whiff of the books in Savta's attic. The scent is rarely present in bourbon under 15 years but it's clearly there.

Palate: There's an intense burst of cinnamon in front that glides into the mid-palate and is joined by pie crust, corn bread and -- get this -- halva! It's brief but it's there and it's fun. Try it and fight me if you can't tell it's there. What's nice is the palate completely shifts in the back towards bramble fruit and cherry. It's more subdued and transitions well into the finish.

Finish: One of the greatest aspects of low rye MGP is how long you get to savor it. This pick highlights the fruity esters from the back of the palate. It also reminds me of my first kiss at summer camp, Esther. She had good gum. I wonder what she's doing now.