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"The Bear Jew"

Released February, 2021

"The Bear Jew" is a barrel of Barrell cask strength MGP straight rye.

This is a barrel of 7 year, 11 month old straight rye that was filled in February, 2013 and bottled at 113.64 proof. It was sourced from MGP in Indiana and drinks more like a bourbon. It brings a sweet, flavor explosion, with a nice, spicy finish.

Tasting Notes:

Appearance: Color is dark amber. This one is highly viscous. It clings to the glass quite well, leaving extended legs.

Nose: Starts off with strong cherry, caramel and burnt sugar. Behind those dominant flavors, there is some floral character and a very light herb note. Ethanol is noticeably absent on the nose.

Palate: This one opens with classic rye notes of spearmint and horehound. It quickly moves towards sweeter, more intense flavors of confectioner’s sugar, anise and dulce de leche. The back of the palate is highlighted by bramble berries, oak and cocoa.

Finish: Uncharacteristically long and complex for an MGP rye, potentially due to its age. It maintains the palate’s complexity, leaning towards the sweeter notes while maintaining the baseline rye character.

Overall: "Damn. That’s tasty."