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"The Babka"

Released May, 2022

This barrel is a tribute to the legendary Seinfeld episode. Here are the details:

Age: 2+ months in barrel that previously held "The Rye" dark pumpernickel straight rye
Type: Barleywine beer
ABV: 10.8%
Grain bill: Straight 2 row grain bill with no adjuncts
Brewery: Rushford and Sons
Yield: 140 bottles
Tasting notes:

Nose: caramel, toffee, honey, and faint oak
Taste: lots of brown sugar and honey, some toffee/caramel from the extended boil. After tasting something specific that I was not able to place directly I consulted my wife and we landed on actual babka! Some yeast, chocolate, caramel, and a hint of cinnamon
Mouthfeel: purposefully uncarbonated, slightly sticky on the pallet while remaining surprisingly drinkable, served at cellar temp
Finish: lingers with toasted brown sugar on the pallet for a while, quite nice
Overall: this is an awesome barleywine and I'd recommend it to any beer lover, whisky lover, or dessert lover!