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"F*** B&J Barrel"

Released September, 2021

The Senator by Proof and Wood
Distillery: MGP
Type: Straight rye
Barreled date: 12/11/14
Bottled date: 5/24/21
Proof: 108.04
Mash bill: 95% Rye/ 5% Malted Barley
Yield: 90 bottles
Barrel: Sequin barrel whose wood was aged for at least 30 months
Char: #3 on staves and #4 on heads

Tasting Notes:

Color: amber

Nose: Powdered sugar, marjoram and those rainbow candy canes that don’t taste like cinnamon. And rightfully so.

Palate: Starts out of grape juice like the kind you have on Shabbos at Jewish day school because there’s no way you’re getting Manischevitz. There is also some vanilla in front. This then leads to a giant burst of why MGP is so easy to love. The palate explodes with cinnamon, lemon, honey, graham cracker, green apple and very gentle suggestions of herb garden volatiles. These flavors weave in and out of the palate, gifting a new experience with each successive sip.

Finish: Medium to long

Overall: MGP rye is delicious but they are not all created equally. This one shines with palate complexity and, at 108 proof coming out of the barrel, those flavors can shine unencumbered.