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"The Alter Kaker"

Released September, 2023

"Only gets better with age!"

Age: 22 years, 9 months
Type: Canadian Whiskey
Proof: 171.2
Mash bill: 97% Corn/ 2.7% Rye/ 0.3% Malted Barley
Distillery: Black Velvet/Heaven Hill
Bottler: J&B
Tasting Notes:

Nose: Surprisingly delicate given the proof. Vanilla, whipping cream and just a touch of nutmeg are present. While there are suggestions of ethanol, it's somehow quite subtle and akin to a typical 100 proof whiskey.

Palate: This one opens with notes of toasted bread and cinnamon. It very quickly explodes with a burst of flavor has no good comparison. It takes a few sips to characterize it though eventually oak and caramel become clear. The back of the palate is obscured by that huge explosion, which persists.

Finish: Long, intense and fairly classic.

The above note are written without water or (gasp) ice. When 5 drops per oz were added, notes of cocoa, butterscotch pudding and soft pretzel become evident.