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"Sacramental Rum"

Released March, 2021

"Sacramental Rum" is a 2 year, 1 month old barrel of rum, distilled from light brown sugar using copper stills. It was barreled on 1/4/19 in a new American white oak barrel with char #3 with 18 month seasoned staves and a relatively low 110 barrel entry proof. It was bottled on 2/18/21 at 80 proof. The barrel is #36 (“Double Chai”) which feels beshert.

Fun facts:

-This is the first ever release of a pick of single barrel rum that is certified as Kosher for Passover (certified by OU). *SCN also released a KfP rum from Thornton, but theirs is a 2-barrel blend with their own labeling.

-This is the first ever release under Thornton’s “Dead Drop” label.

-Master distiller, Ari Klafter (also in the tribe), gained years of experience in rum making as the former assistant distiller at Privateer. And it shows.

-This rum actually went down in proof as it aged in the barrel, due to the relatively humid and cool conditions in Thornton’s below ground barrel warehouse, similar to the conditions found in Scotland/France. This gives it a much more “whiskey-like” experience that is not very “rummy”, as opposed to most other rums that are tropically-aged.

Tasting Notes:

Color: 24 karat gold

Nose: Nougat, caramel, some ethanol bite and a brief whisp of cacao

Palate: Comes in gently with notes of pipe tobacco, almond, and molasses. It becomes nearly muted mid-palate with a solitary cane sugar sweetness. Flavors intensify approaching the back of the palate with suggestions of port wine, dried figs and graham cracker.

Finish: Persists quite well for an 80 proof spirit, showcasing the more intense notes that were found in the back of the palate.