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"Mr. Show Business"

Released February, 2022

This barrel is called "Mr. Show Business" and is a tribute to the Jewish legend, Sammy Davis, Jr. One really interesting fact about this barrel is that it spent all 7 years of its life in the city of Chicago, whereas 98% of Koval barrels are actually stored and aged in a rickhouse outside of the city. Here are the details:

Age: 7 years
Type: Straight rye
Proof: 110
Mash bill: 100% Rye
Distillery: Koval
Original barrel date: 1/20/2015
Tasting notes:

Nose: orange, cardamom, soda bread

Palate: Herbal notes dominate the front of the palate. These coast into candied orange peel and crème brûlée. The back of the palate showcases honey and some gentle cherry notes.

Finish: Fairly long for the proof, showcasing the sweeter notes of the back of the palate