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"City Series: Miami"

Released July, 2021

This barrel is a tribute to Miami. Here are the details:

Age: 5 years, 7 months
Type: Straight rye
Proof: 119.4
Mash bill: 95% Rye/ 5% Malted Barley
Distillery: MGP
Bottler: Traverse City
Original barrel date: 11/9/2015 
Tasting notes:

Nose: Notes of raw cocoa, mint and green olives

Palate: Front of the palate is sweet and sharp with cherry and more cocoa. This is followed by mid-palate notes of corn mash and fresh oak. The back of the palate is rounded out with rye spice and faint hints of tropical fruit and anise.

Finish: Long, slightly tannic, generally showcasing notes from the middle of the palate.

Overall: This is certainly different than most MGP ryes and challenges the palate to move away from classic bourbon/rye sweetness towards a product with more savory note. This leads to a complex whiskey, showcasing both the depth and breadth of what rye can do in a mash.